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Style 247, founded by fashion stylist Tiffany Showers, is a styling agency. We dedicate our lives to fashion. Through this blog, not only will you be able to recieve fashion tip and information; but it will also be your gateway into the life of a fashion stylist. Join us on photoshoots, backstage at fashion shows and so much more> enjoy!!! xoxoxo

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bargain Buys

Do you want the hottest look sweeping the runways but cant afford the designer labels? No sweat, our three favorite stores will most definitely help you. H&M, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21!!!! At all three of these stores you will finds the latest fashion at affordable prices. We here at Style 247 shop at these store all the time to pick up it of our them for photo shoots. So stop breaking you pockets when you don't have it and shop smart


Get ready for the spring of a lifetime. From hippies and flower power, to cow girls and boots; spring 2011 will have it all. We love what designers are dishing out this season. We just love Ann Sui's take on the hippie theme.

Monday, January 10, 2011


The white blazer is one of the must haves for the coming season. Its can be worn with anything because is very versatile. If your not the type of person who know what to truly wear to be fashionable don't worry. You can wear a white blazer with a camisole and jeans, accessorized with a necklace and your are an instant fashionista. Check out the images below that may inspire you. Some pics are of celebs and other of fellow blogger's.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spring into Coral!!!

From accessories, to makeup, a cute top or Haute party dress- Coral will be THE color for spring. it goes perfect with white or even jeans. Or even an all white outfit with Coral accessories (gasp) Orgasmic!!!
Maybe even a cute outfit with Haute coral pumps that matches you
lips color>>> WE could go on for days! below are just a few examples of how YOU could dominate this beautiful color.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bright lips!

Bright fashionable lips is something that is here to stay through out the spring and summer season. It brings passion to a nude face and is Haute with the perfect smoky eye.


As we all may know turbans began to take over towards the end of 2010. However that isn't the last of the trend. Turbans will dominate this coming spring, with floral prints, pastel colors and light fabrics. The best thing about a turban, is that you can tie it in your own signature way. Celebrity stylist June Ambrose is know for her signature turbans, she is also the puppet master behind several celebrity turbans, including Solange Knowles & Chrisette Michelle. However, though it is a cool trend, it is also fierce. Wearing a turban isn't easy, and its not recommended for the shy. This trend is for those who want to make a statement, and want to stand out. Are you ready to for the turban challenge? Will you rock it or will it rock you?


 Last year in 2010 we all rocked the military theme. It was the hottest trend of the year, However, we here at Style 247 want to help you transition into the new years' hottest trend. (LETS GET NAUTICAL) that's right a nautical theme is spreading like wild fire. Its all about vertical navy stripes, sailor colors, blazers with crest and so much more>>>How will you rock the new trend?